Who Are We

Mobile Device Protection Association has over twenty-three year's experience in providing device protection to its members.

Designed to give independent cellular agents a competitive edge, our cell phone protection plans cover a variety of situations and offers comprehensive coverage. Moreover, every plan comes with built-in incentives for purchase by including discounts on rental cars, hotels and restaurants at no additional cost. MDPA's protection plans give dealers a way to build on product value, grow their customer base and increase customer satisfaction.

Customers are secure in the knowledge that they are protected in case of theft or malfunction to their cell phone. When a Request for Service becomes necessary, Dealers can be assured of streamlined filing through MDPA's state-of-the-art proprietary online processing.

State of The Art Customer Service

After more than 23 years in business, MDPA realizes the importance of excellence in customer service and has developed a state of the art, proprietary, online membership data base and processing system that allows instantaneous membership activation at the point of sale for most wireless devices. Our online membership data base allows membership sign up and access to customer service 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Should a MDPA member experience damage or theft to their wireless device they can file a Request for Service at any time of the day by logging into the members section of the website for direct access to our customer eservice representatives. With paper work minimized and processing streamlined, members have come to expect prompt and courteous attention to their wireless device issues.

The development of the MDPA online processing system has allowed us to offer wireless device protection plans at the lowest net cost in the industry and MDPA plans never require a co-payment for either repair or replacement.