About Us

Mobile Device Protection Association (MDPA) has more than 23 years of experience in providing repair and replacement protection for wireless mobile devices in case of damage or theft.

Mobile Device Protection Association was initially established to provide a service that was nonexistent at the beginning of the age of wireless communications. A protection plan for wireless beepers was a revolutionary concept and has evolved through the entire evolution of wireless communication to include the generational development of cellular telephones, Netbooks, Wireless Point of Sale Terminals, and Broadband Access

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Our Services

MDPA provides Repair or Replacement Protection

Mobile Device Protection Association (MDPA) membership provides repair or replacement protection for your mobile phone, should it malfunction or be stolen.

Who needs coverage? Anyone who owns a Wireless Cellular Device!

Staying in touch has never been more important to the American public. Most of us have come to rely, almost completely, on cellular phones to maintain a connection with our companies, families and friends.

Whether traveling on business or just running to the store for groceries, we're content in knowing that we can depend upon this vital link.

MDPA is There to Repair

Accidents are bound to happen. When a dash to the car while carrying a squirming child results in dropping, and breaking, a handset, MDPA is there to repair or replace your wireless cellular device.

As careful as we are about safeguarding our cellular devices in locked desks and automobiles, thieves may still find a way to break inside.

MDPA has more than twenty-three years experience in providing the peace of mind that consumers can rely on to stay connected.

This program is not available in the States of Washington and North Carolina at this time.

Member Benefits

Become a member and receive - at no additional cost - discount benefits at Hertz Car Rentals, Choice Hotels International, FTD Florists, Avis Car Rentals, Omaha Steaks, Beaches, Priceline.com, and Motel 6. By making use of your additional benefits, you can more than pay for your Mobile Device Protection Association Membership.